The Lunch Constitution

I've updated my site with a social game I designed way back in 2012. It's called The Lunch Constitution and it's a fun way for groups of co-workers or friends to pick where they are going to lunch over the course of the week. It's all rules, so you can play as long as you have yourself, some friends, and an appetite!

A little bit of fun history. In 2012 I was at my first game job working on a Facebook game in South Florida. I had a group of buddies that I'd go to lunch with daily, but we had such a hard time picking a place to eat because everyone wanted different things. A pretty common problem in the workplace.

Well, some of us got together and invented this beautiful, simple game to help us pick, which evolved over the course of my time there to this mad meta-gaming mass of fun. The Lunch Constitution, in essence, is just a simple voting game with a twist.

The Lunch Constitution is really, really simple but also really, really fun because it's mechanics promote fun social engineering between a group of friends. It's also my favorite thing I've ever designed, as silly as that may sound.

You can check it out here.