Here are some examples of my game-related writing. From design documents, to quest design, and a few things in between

  • Fallout 4 Spec Quest - Do Androids Dream of Electric Peace?
    • This is a spec quest I wrote for Fallout 4 as an exercise in narrative through quest design. It deals with some interesting issues in the Fallout universe, and I took great care to make it align with the pre-established narrative rules. Additionally, I wanted to experiment with even more player choice in "solving" the quest line, even if the final outcome is similar.
  • The Lunch Constitution
    • The Lunch Constitution is a fun multiplayer "social game" I created while at my first job in the game industry. It's a fun way for office colleagues to pick where to go to lunch, with a fun metagaming twist.
  • Wolfsbane
    • Wolfsbane was a small design prototype I wrote as a student, featuring some unique mechanics and a twist on the Werewolf trope.
  • Fortress 2155
    • This was an asymmetric multiplayer shooter spec desgin I wrote as a student. It features a couple of unique modifiers on the average FPS multiplayer genre.