The Sun at Night is a 2D action platformer where the player takes the role of Laika, the lost soviet space dog. It features massive levels, choice-driven gameplay, rich skill-trees, fast gunplay and a sweeping narrative. All in a beautiful, alternate history wrapper.

Design & Development

I worked as a designer and developer on The Sun At Night. Primarily implementing new features as well as assisting with the game design.

Some of my responsibilities included:

  • Designing and implemented our weapon, ability and combat systems.
  • Developed our custom scripting system and was responsible for it's functionality throughout the project.
  • Implemented a quest objective system for use via our custom scripting language, which was integrated into our map navigation.
  • Designing and implementing the game's navigation and mapping system.
  • Created new tools for our custom game engine, to be used by the design team to create levels, encounters, enemy AI and scripted events.

I was also responsible for, along with other team members:

  • Level scripting and mission design
  • Tool design and development.
  • AI design, enemy behaviors and encounters design.
  • Skill tree design and development.

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