OJO AGENT is a social game on both Facebook and mobile platforms where the player takes the role of an up-and-coming sports agent trying to make it big and sign star clients. I joined OJO AGENT as a designer, but also ended up leading the QA team as well.


I was part of the design team on OJO AGENT, which consisted of myself and one other Designer. During my time there, I:

  • Designed and developed new gameplay mechanics, including a quest system, power-ups, an RTS-style building tech tree, a crowd-sourced sports-news system,  friend interaction, endorsement contract system, a "bonus gauge", and a multiplayer "versus" prototype.
  • Analyzed metrics and balanced gameplay based on the data and user feedback. This process was ongoing, OJO AGENT being a social game.
  • Designed, developed and wrote content for quests, endorsements, and the the shop.

I was also responsible for...

  • Leading a QA team (three other team members) devoted to quality assurance and game balance. The QA team was not only responsible for bugs and issue discovery, but also was an essential part of game balance and user flow. I oversaw this team and assisted with QA as needed.
  • Product "readiness" at time of release. Being involved in both Design and QA, I had the final say in project readiness for new feature rollouts.
  • User strategy - I frequently met with the Project manager and other leads to determine the next course of action for the game to attract and retain users.

As a fun aside, I also developed the "Lunch Constitution", a unique and fun game for deciding where to go to lunch, which was a big hit at the office.